July 2018 Apprenticeship Application UPDATE

For the July 3rd, 2018 apprenticeship open application date.. we will only be doing the morning session. If you would like to apply for the apprenticeship, please stop down to the Union Hall from 9:00am-11:00am on Tuesday, July 3rd. This ONLY applies to the July 3rd date. All other application dates will have both morning & afternoon sessions. Thank you.


Election Results!

The results of the Election are IN…
Business Agent: Jim Caternolo
Inside Guard: Robert Betkowski
Conference Board: Clint Byer, John Carpenter & Jim Caternolo
Pension: Jim Caternolo

All other elected positions ran unopposed and are as follows:
President: Dan O’Neil
Vice President: Nate Burdick
Recording Secretary: Frank DeCarlo
Business Manager: William Kurtz
Treasurer: Clint Byer
Executive Board: Robert Amering, Jamie Arena, Kevin Coleman & Joe Magri
Finance Board: Sean Gorevski, Kevin McMinn & Todd Mitchell
Examining Board: Bill Blaschek, Jake Eisenhauer, Colin Herlehy & Mike Lamantia

Congratulations to all!! Looking forward to a great term beginning January 24th, 2017!

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