Recruitment Dates

Applications are received every 1st Tuesday each month from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Union Hall. Tests MUST be turned in on time, no exceptions. Calculators are not allowed.


Minimum Requirements at the time of application:

  • Must fill out the application in person
  • Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application
  • Must have a high school diploma plus obtain a final grade of C or better in Geometry & Algebra or GED scores with a minimum Math grade of 55
  • Must achieve a 70% on Math Exam given at the time of Application
  • Must be a citizen of US or legally able to work in US
  • Must show 1 year residency in jurisdiction of UA Local #13
  • Must have a valid Drivers license; apprentices may be required to drive company vehicle
  • Must submit copy of military DD-214 (if applicable)

The above requirements need to be on file in the JATC Office at the time of Apprenticeship Acceptance.  If called, you must appear for an Interview on the scheduled date at the schedule time.

If You Are Accepted for a Probationary Apprenticeship, You Will Be Required to:

  1. Serve as a probationary apprentice for a period of 1 (one) year;
  2. Serve a 5 year Apprenticeship, including the probationary period;
  3. Report for work on a regular basis, when work is available;
  4. Provide for your transportation to and from the job site;
  5. Work under the direction of a Journeyman on the job site and perform duties satisfactorily
  6. Attend related classes regularly and maintain an acceptable average in those classes;
  7. Abide by all rules and regulations of the J.A.T.C.;
  8. Submit a legible High School diploma with transcript of grades along with Algebra & Geometry or GED scores with a minimum Math grade of 55;
  9. Submit a copy of current Drivers License;
  10. Submit proof of a good health physical – You must be physically able to perform the work required, consisting climbing, heavy lifting (in excess of 80 lbs. on occasion), confined areas, heights (includes ladders, lifts and scaffolds), working inside or out doors, in industrial plants, institutions, commercial buildings and power plants.
  11. Upon a bona-fide employment offer the applicant must furnish legible proof of the above which will include a transcript of High School grades and transcripts from any other educational program that you have asked us to consider. Any military transfer, educational or discharge information that you have asked us to consider.
  12. The applicant must pass a physical examination at the expense of the Sponsor and will be subjected to a drug test.

FAILURE to furnish the above requirements may result in withdrawal of applicant offering


Continuous recruitment means that your position on the Rank List is not permanent. Your Rank number may change depending on future applicant evaluations. The ranking selection is based on education, interest, attitude and personal traits. We are in full compliance with the Affirmative action and Equal Employment Opportunity practices. This list is what is used to pick the years apprentice appointments. These appointments are chosen in rank order from the top of the blended list. Individuals, who ranked high on the first list, may not be ranked as high on the blended list. Other better-qualified candidates may be identified in the second group, and when the two groups are blended, they are entitled to a ranking based solely on their evaluated qualifications. Your name will remain on this list for a two-year period; from the time of interview. If you choose to, you may re-apply when the application process is open.